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Trauma Cover or Critical Illness Insurance

Trauma Cover insures against serious medical conditions. This policy provides lump sum money to cover immediate medical expenses for treatment when a critical illness occurs. The insurance pays an agreed nontaxable amount to cover you for 46 specified major diseases. Most policies cover variety of the following crisis.

Alzheimer's disease
Heart Attack
Benign Tumors
Kidney Failure
Hearing Loss
Loss of Speech
Loss of Limbs
Organ Transplant
Major Head Trauma
Multiple Sclerosis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Severe Burns
Muscular Dystrophy
Motor Neuron Disease
Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance is designed for the whole family, children can be added too.

Why should you consider Trauma Cover?

  • While the illness does cause physical and emotional turmoil, the policy helps you to recover without worrying for your finances.
  • You can get on your life without much disruption to your finances.
  • The lump sum payment may help you with medical costs and living expenses;loss of income; pay off outstanding debts such as mortgage; other family responsibilities or may simply provide you cash buffer.
  • The amount can be used for travel and accommodations while having treatment.
  • A mental relaxation that your family has financial support in events of injury or serious illness helps you regain confidence and renew sense of perspective to focus on what's important for you and your family.
  • With the increased rates of heart diseases and cancer in New Zealand, buying Trauma Insurance has become one of the most important financial decisions of its residents.
trauma advisor in new zealand

To apply for Trauma Insurance, you must be between 16 -70 years of age. The company will calculate your cover based on your age, gender, whether you smoke, your hobbies, your occupation and of course your health. The insured has the option to freeze premiums at the current amount or unfreeze it any time without any further medical procedures.

The team at Insurance Hub is supportive to guide you at each step from products to claims, making the processes quickly, efficiently and most compassionately.

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