life-cover in new zealand

Life Insurance Advisor in New Zealand

Life Cover

No one knows what future holds. Lots of people die every day due to illness or accidents. Dying with no life insurance can create all kinds of emotional and financial problems for those you leave behind.

At Insurance Hub, we provide Life Cover to help you secure your future financially. The cover provides a lump sum payment known as death benefit to the beneficiaries upon insured's death. The basic purpose of the Life Cover is to ease the financial burden on the surviving dependents after the death of the insured.

In case of terminal illness which means that the insured is expected to die within 12 months of diagnosis by a physician who specializes in that illness, then the cover will pay out straight away rather than waiting for the policyholder to die.

In the event of death, funeral cost is paid immediately putting your mind at ease.

life-cover in new zealand

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