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Income Protection

Life is unpredictable. Though none of us may like to imagine misfortunes, they can and do happen. Have you ever thought what will happen to you and your family if suddenly your income stops? For a lot of people if something did happen they would find themselves in big trouble very quickly.

Your earnings support the lifestyle you carry. So, there is a need to reassess your priorities to prepare for something like – loss of job.

income protection adviors in new zealand

Income Protection

All citizens of New Zealand within the age group 16 – 55 (or upto 60 in case of specific jobs) can apply for Income Protection Cover. The policy expires at the age of 65. At Insurance Hub, you can apply for the cover entirely online. In case of help, our team provides relevant information and personalisedadvice to make a decision. The insurance provides flexibility to cancel or change your cover with changes in your financial responsibilities or circumstances anytime. So Protect your Income now…

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